Heat without Electricity


Pizza Bags hot keep longer without electricity? Then this heat storage system is the solution.

No charger, no power, no cables.

How does this system work?
The heat-disc is heated together with the pizza in the oven, while the pizza is baking. When the pizza is ready, the disc is also heated sufficiently.
The disc with a special sleeve (set) is put on the bottom in the pizzabag along with the pizza.

That's all! You now deliver your delicious and hot pizzas during a long period. This system works with all bags and in all (scooter) boxes with a minimum size of 30cm x 24cm.

Since the pizza is not allowed to bake after it is put in the bag together with the heat disc, the disc is put in a thermal sleeve with a sophisticated heat-release regulation.

Fast and simple:
1. Place the disc along with the pizza inside the oven.
2. Put the hot pizza in the pizza box.
3. Slide the disc into the thermal sleeve.
4. Insert the disc cover and the pizza boxes in the pizzabag.
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The disc is made of an alloy that can store an incredible amount of heat. Simultaneously the plate is so sturdy that they can be used for years.

That's why we offer you 5 years warranty

Because of the clever design the disc can easily be moved and positioned with a regular pizza shovel. There is also a special spatula to handle the hot disc (the disc is just as hot as the fried pizza)

In case of a complete filled oven, there may be several heat discs stacked on top of each other and are being heated. The discs can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher..
The disc retains the heat for up to 45 minutes. You can deliver the order so much longer, still delicious hot.

Standard bag:
7 minutes hot
With a Heatdisc System:
during 45 minutes hot

Hot Pizza delivery without electricity or cable

Hot Pizza delivery without electricity or cable

Dimension sleeve+disc: 290x230x9mm. set is heatdisc + special thermal sleeve

€ 147.00VAT excl.
Heatpack with spatula

Heatpack with spatula

Sleeve + Disc: 290x230x9mm and spatula

€ 157.00VAT excl.
5 sets Heatpack with Pouch
€ 601.00VAT excl.
Set of 10 hitte discs and 10 thermical Pouches
€ 1132.00VAT excl.
thermal sleeve

thermal sleeve

for 1 disc

€ 77.00VAT excl.
Complete System

Complete System

1x station , 10x discs, 1x spatula, 1x thermal sleeve

€ 1201.00VAT excl.
Spatula for picking up the heatpack
€ 17.00VAT excl.
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